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Overview of Justice

The creators of Revelation have lifted the veil of secrecy over the new flagship MMORPG Justice (the English title is not final, the game previously appeared on the network as Treacherous Waters/Against The Cold). It happened at the Netease Games Festival 2016 event on December 27th.

The setting for Justice is the Song Empire (960-1127). The developers promise many cultural references to that period and reconstructions of significant events of that time. The game is based on a faction system: Justice has two factions. Factions come into conflict only under certain circumstances, mostly quietly adjacent.

PvE in Justice focuses on boss fights as well as exploring the world. The developers promise well-developed NPCs, advanced artificial intelligence, and exciting plot stories. PvP plays a vital role in Justice. There are no safe zones in the game, so battles can even occur in cities. Battlegrounds and arenas have been confirmed.

Justice's combat system is based on combos and free aim. Management and skills are carried out on the keyboard, and you must aim with the mouse. There are seven playable classes in development with traditional roles such as healer and tank.

The developers are experimenting with 3D and 2.5D (isometric) cameras. As planned, the latter is needed for convenience when using "qigong" (note: "qigong" usually means various elements of the wuxia genre, such as flying, running on water, and other superpowers). At the same time, nothing was noticed at the first test in July 2017.

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