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Kabod Online
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Overview of the game Kabod Online

For many people, online games seem like harmless entertainment for children and teenagers. However, Kabod Entertainment has a slightly different opinion on this matter. Therefore, in 2011 they brought to light a rather unusual project Kabod Online, which is largely designed specifically for an adult audience. There is not only a lot of blood and cruelty. It's just that in Kabod Online there are sexual components and gambling at every turn. On the MMOTOP.ORG website, they already wrote that the game contains all the elements of adult life, from mats and whores to card games.


Despite the clear focus on an adult audience, all events in the game Kabod Online take place in the world of medieval fantasy. Therefore, here you will see the usual knights, magicians, monsters and other medieval characters. There are only three hero classes offered in Kabod Online: Rogue, Wizard and Warrior. An important gameplay feature is the original PC system, which allows you to attack any player. Moreover, you can do this with complete impunity. After the kill, you can easily pick up his things. For each killed character, you will receive special points that increase the rank of your hero as an assassin. As this rank increases, you will gain access to new unique tasks. Also, the gates of the City of Assassins will open for you. At the same time, the status of the killer has its drawbacks. For example, it will be very difficult for you to enter an ordinary city, since guards will immediately attack your character.

Game features

Another interesting feature of the game Kabod Online, due to which it has earned the status of 18+, is the armor falling apart when hit. That is, in battle, you can break the armor of the enemy to such an extent that he will eventually remain in his shorts. In addition, the project offers many gambling options that you can play for money. You can also have a real romance with both NPCs and real players.


Thus, Kabod Online is an original and rather bold project that stands out from the background of numerous clones. The game features a free PvP mode, an abundance of sex scenes and a lot of blood. All this does not quite correspond to the modern trend in the development of the MMORPG genre. That is why the game can be distinguished from the rest, which ensures its popularity.

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