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Kal Online
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Overview of Kal Online

While playing Kal Online, the Koreans could not even think that it would be played in russia (the terrorist state). Otherwise, they would have thought of changing the name a little. And so in our country it cuts the ear a little. However, in Korean, the word "kal" just means "sword". This interesting game has already been noticed on the MMOTOP.ORG website, so you can see the full description here.

Game features

Kal Online uses the graphics platform from Unreal Engine 2. It's a pretty good choice given the game's fairly solid age of over 10 years. The level of graphics here is close to the popular hit Lineage II, which is quite enough for most gamers. The game's plot is different from most modern MMORPGs, which are based on European legends about dwarves, elves and orcs. Kal Online is based on Korean mythology. The game tells about the battle of King Khanin with the demonic creature Bango. The player will have to side with the good king and choose one of four typical classes: melee fighter, archer, thief and sorceress.


The gameplay in Kal Online is focused primarily on the PvP mode. To do this, there is a fairly balanced selection of classes, which was not difficult to make, given the small number of them. The most striking are large-scale battles, which include the siege of fortresses and castles. Here, in addition to ordinary soldiers, siege weapons are used. Another gameplay feature is the unique transformation system. It lies in the fact that the hero can grow an ancient creature and subsequently reincarnate into it. As a result, the character will become stronger and it will be easier for him to destroy hordes of mobs, of which there are a lot in the game. The pet system is also well developed in Kal Online. There are two types of them in the game - a blue dragon and a white tiger. They can not only carry equipment, but also help in combat very seriously.


Thus, Kal Online is a pretty classic MMORPG from a Korean manufacturer based on a hard grind. The game can not be called brilliant, but you can’t call it bad either. Such a middle peasant with an original name for our country.

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