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A toy from a Korean manufacturer from the MMORPG genre called Kara Taht is a typical kill game. The user here acts as a commander, to whom a military unit is given subordination with all the necessary units to achieve the goal. At the same time, the latter most often represent ordinary targets for slaughter, but by no means combat units. The commander, on the other hand, modestly stands aside and directs his platoon first at one such commander, then at another. The main thing is to make strangers incompetent


It is also interesting that the concept of the game is somewhat tilted to the side, since it does not have a number of elements familiar to any game. For example, English words. There is a Turkish dictionary here. There are no bosses, even small ones, like the graphic. In general, there are inconsistencies.


Historically, events unfold during the Middle Ages. Although it is not very clear to some how Republicans can be factionalists, since they are characteristic of a later period of state development. This is not so important against the background of Turkish. Especially when it comes to fights in which groups of 20 participants participate.

Participants usually in Kara Taht are engaged in the fact that, in addition to fighting each other, they rob villages and caravans, and also conquer lands. But that's not all that can be said about this online game, more information can be found on the website MMOTOP.ORG.

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