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King of Kings 3 game overview

King of Kings 3
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Overview of the game King of Kings 3

In September 2011, a rather serious event took place for the well-known company NIKITA.Online, which launched an open beta testing of its game King of Kings 3. You can read more about this on the MMOTOP.ORG website. It is worth noting that this studio in most cases focused on fantasy-style MMORPGs. In this regard, the setting of this Taiwanese game does not cause any complaints.

However, as soon as you open the game and start playing, you immediately understand that there are no orcs and elves familiar to all gamers. Instead, three traditional classes were created, which include the priest, warrior and mage. Subsequently, these classes can specialize in 27 areas.

Game principle

The traditional racial system of King of Kings 3 has been replaced with seven realms, each with a different patron deity. At the same time, each deity strives to completely take over the virtual world of Tangramia. In the game King of Kings 3 you will not find any special plot delights. Although, they would not have played a key role, since the creators decided to focus on the system of interaction between players and high-quality PvP, which is very popular in our country.


Battles between players in King of Kings 3 occur all the time. Here you can see both epic battles with the participation of several hundred players, and one-on-one fights. This is precisely the main feature of the game - here you can fight at any time, which is what the developers wanted. On the official website of King of Kings 3, you can see a lot of screenshots that show large-scale battles between guilds. All this is very reminiscent of the beloved by many Lineage II. The most aggressive gamers can choose the location of the Dragon God World, which was originally intended only for battles.

Game features

The game King of Kings 3 has a lot of interesting features besides battles. So, here you can build your own house, which you can make a real palace from time to time. At the same time, the guild can generally create its own kingdom with its own laws.

Almost every day, intellectual tests are carried out on game servers, with the help of which you can quickly upgrade your character. In addition, the game has special instanced dungeons with strong bosses. You can use mounts to move around huge locations. The game features a well-thought-out crafting system, with which you can create original armor and weapons. So, King of Kings 3 is ready to offer players a lot of interesting activities.

General impression

King of Kings 3 left a good impression thanks to high-quality graphics and varied gameplay. Of course, the picture is in many ways inferior to the popular Ayon, but in general it looks nice and does not irritate the eyes. In addition, King of Kings 3 is attracted by an unusual character development system and the ability to fight with any character in any place, which is not common today.

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