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King’s Road
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Review of the game Kings Road

KingsRoad is one of those browser-based diablo-like Action/RPGs that push the boundaries of the browser and prove that even without a client, you can make a quality project with a lot of interesting content.


The plot in the game is typical for fantasy: the fight against evil, and we are in the role of a hero, but everything ingenious is simple? Is not it? So we boldly put on armor, grab a rusty sword, a couple of bottles and go to cut enemies right and left.

Game process

The game begins with a modest village, which is captured by bandits. Having freed the village, we begin our journey and try to think more globally. So the next goal immediately becomes the cleansing of the kingdom from all evil spirits. There are three classes to choose from: Warrior, Archer and Mage, each with individual development parameters and more than 30 skills. The game has crafting items, which occurs with the help of any junk from items and special reagents. So we can safely carry the same type of items and everything unnecessary with us (a kleptomaniac dream), given the possibility of collecting gold using autoloot and teleports...

As for the network game, there is a cooperative mode that significantly dilutes the gameplay. Of course, no one bothers to deal with bosses and clear instances alone, but it is much easier and more fun to do this with friends or other players.

Graphic arts

KingsRoad bears little resemblance to other browsers in terms of graphics, and it can only be compared with Drakensang Online or City of Steam. In terms of client games, it looks less dark compared to Path of Exile, and has less action than Tourchlight 2.

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