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King’s Sword: The Beginning
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King's Sword: The Beginning is a browser-based PvP-oriented online strategy game where users have to fight for server dominance. The game was developed by

As planned, you are the owner of a castle from the era of King Arthur, an era when Camelot was just beginning to flourish. And at that moment, out of nowhere, the lairs of dark creatures appeared and they began to invade. Noble knights under your leadership must stop them and, at the same time, become the main one in a gigantic territory.

In addition to the fabulous setting, the game has two-dimensional graphics, simple, intuitive gameplay without an overloaded interface, and all actions do not require unnecessary movements. Battles take place automatically and victory/defeat is determined by comparing several characteristics, from the type of troops, to the amount of research and other types of pumping. It is also possible to join clans to increase your chances of winning the war.

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