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Review of the game Knight Age

Knight Age is another Korean unpretentious game made in anime style. Here the player can become a gladiator knight, for whom he will have to play. To move around the Knights Age game world, you will need to travel exclusively on horseback, because a real knight should get up from his horse only when his horse dies.


In Knight Age, besides horses, there are other animals, such as donkeys, ducks, dinosaurs and many others. Such mounts allow not only to make the movement of the character faster, but also to significantly improve its characteristics and skills. This is especially important for PvP and PvE battles.

Game features

The creators of the game claim that in this game we will see an absolutely unusual variety of classes for such a cartoon and interesting command instances. Open beta testing of the project began just recently. This testing provides for large-scale guild battles, in which more than a hundred users can participate. In addition, the updated Pupa system deserves attention. With its help, you can train your pets, who will continue to fight on the side of the main character. The developers promise the final launch of the project at the end of the year. Initially, this game is going to be published in China, Europe and Thailand. However, the exact release date is not yet known.

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