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KnightFight is a fantasy browser-based MMORPG developed by RedMoonStudios. The project offers a classic storyline, text-based gameplay, medieval surroundings and the opportunity to become a famous knight who wins ladies' hearts.

Each user, by completing quests, can create a certain reputation for himself, such as a notorious villain or, as mentioned above, a pious knight. Reputation affects the available quests and increases your heart rate depending on what you like. As for the battles, they are automatic, and victory or defeat is calculated by counting various indicators. There are both PvE battles with NPCs, and PvP against other players, or even seven-day wars for your knightly order. In addition to these activities, you can build your own settlement and castle, which brings money and gives various bonuses to the hero.

In general, the project is a classic browser that is in no way inferior to others of the same kind. Whether you play it or not is up to you.

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