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Knight’s Fable Legend
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Review of the game Legend of the Knight

Legend of the Knight is a fantasy browser-based MMORPG with semi-automatic quests and the same arena battles.

Upon entering the game, we are immediately offered to become heroes and go to save the world. But first, you will need to choose one of 4 classes: Knight, Mage, Fighter or Spiritual. The gameplay then red carpets through classic and hackneyed browser features that can't be beaten.

After the first duel, it becomes clear that Legend of the Knight is a typical representative of the browser family, where players only play the role of an observer. On the one hand, this is convenient, but only for office workers, who often do not have the opportunity to play a full-fledged game. All battles here are only in automatic mode, the player only clicks on the quest icons and scrolls through the dialogues. The same is true in the arena, which, by the way, is located in Hell.

The only place where you can somehow influence the gameplay is the character development window. The choice of equipment for him, sharpening and options for the development path. This is the point of the game.

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