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Labyrinth of Druids is an atmospheric indie MMORPG with game mechanics inspired by World of Warcraft and a touch of Lovecraftian horror stories. The inspiration for the game was taken from Howard's short story called "Outcast". Judge for yourself, a monster rejected by everyone living in underground labyrinths and more than anything else wanting to see the light of the sun, in my opinion, a good plot.

The main difference between Labyrinth of Druids and other MMOs is that it has an ending. Thus, in the future, the game can be completed, but the developers have assured that many will not be able to do it. The game begins with an amnesiac druid who must overcome a chain of eerie rituals with the sole purpose of finishing. The situation is complicated by the presence of free PvP, but that's not all, the project also has the ability to catch an infection and, as a result, lose control over the character, until the next death.

The lion's share of the time will be spent by the players fighting each other (there are two factions in Labyrinth of Druids) and trying to defeat the bosses, which is not so easy, since the latter are presented so strong that the creators compared the gameplay in Labyrinth of Druids with meters of hardcore like in Bloodborne and Dark Souls.

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