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Land of Britain
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Overview of the game Land of Britain

Land of Britain is a promising new project based on the modern Unreal Engine 4 engine from the indie studio Potato Killer, announced in 2014.

The action of this fantasy MMORPG takes place on the lands of Britain, whose territories are divided between three militant factions-states: Norsengard, Talamhria, and Avalon. The game boasts many races, of which there are already 18 pieces - 6 for each side. The same applies to classes - there are also 6 for each faction.

One of the main features of Land of Britain will be a dynamic world that will provide players with non-repeating quests, an ever-changing world, and dynamically generated dungeons. The game world is solid but may change due to some events. The player's actions will affect the quests and events in it.

The developers promise a deep study of everything related to character development. Any character, be it a crafter or a merchant, can find their niche and become a significant person in the game world.

In addition to the above, Land of Britain will offer players various guild activities, PvP and PvE events, advanced gathering and crafting, and much more. However, the game is at a very early stage of development, and in what form it will survive until the release (and whether it will survive at all) is still unknown.

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