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Lands of Kehliel
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Lands of Kehliel is a free to play fantasy isometric MMORPG from Hitwave Studios. The project is in development and the release date has not yet been determined, but we have a lot of details about the new product.

The game has an open world, and the action takes place on the fictional continent of Keliel. Its unique feature is the constant competition with other users. For example, several teams of players can compete with each other in completing quests, which, by the way, as well as rewards, can be one-time. Also in the Lands of Kehliel there are professions, home ownership, the functions of exploring the world and meeting NPCs.

Character customization is also available, choosing a class: tank, healer or dd, and then setting it up using three branches of skills. Among other things, the game has PvP functions, trade, fast travel in vehicles.

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