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The Last Frontier is an old-school multi-platform free-to-play MMORPG in a post-apocalyptic setting, created on the FOnline engine. The events of the game tell the story of a world engulfed in nuclear winter, which was the result of a conflict between the USSR and the USA.

The Last Frontier continues to develop the ideas of its ideological inspiration - the first games of the Fallout series, taking us to 2052 and an alternate reality where people from government and commercial runaways are trying to find their place in a new gloomy world. The place of action of the Last Frontier was the Far East and Alaska, which turned out to be connected by an ice bridge formed as a result of global cooling. The events of the game take place in an alternative universe, which allowed the developers to introduce technologies into the game that do not exist in the real world.

In the Last Frontier, players can explore the ruins of former great powers, including abandoned settlements and military bases, fight all sorts of post-apocalyptic monsters and other players. In the Last Frontier, you can form factions, trade, fight for resources, and even conquer entire settlements.

Stylistically, the game is similar to the first Fallout, which is not surprising given the game world and the chosen engine, but the battles in the Last Frontier take place in real time. The main features of the developers themselves include advanced crafting, a unique setting of the post-apocalyptic USSR and the USA, a wide variety of tasks and a plentiful selection of weapons and equipment.

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