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Review of the game LaTale

LaTale is an original 2D causal project. The game belongs to the popular mmorpg genre today, about which much has been written on the MMOTOP.ORG website. A distinctive feature of LaTale is a side-scroller control option that is rare today. Recall that this control method was especially popular on games for the Dendy console. Here you can only move in two planes, and not in three, as is customary now. That is, you can move up and down and left and right.

The essence of the game

At its core, the LaTale project managed to combine three areas at once: MMO, RPG and side-scroller. The gameplay consists in the intensive destruction of the crowd of cartoon monsters and the completion of regular quests. In addition, the game is available for pumping the hero, buying and selling weapons and armor. There is even a rather simple PvP mode. LaTale offers four traditional character classes: knight, wizard, warrior, and archer. Accordingly, each class has its own three types of weapons. This allows you to vary weapons depending on the situation. For example, a melee warrior might use a sword to fight a single strong monster, but use a pike when fighting a group of weaker monsters.

Game world

Game LaTale includes a number of separate locations, which are modern analogs of levels. In each of these locations there are many anime monsters, insidious traps and obstacles. All this will need to be destroyed and overcome by all possible means. The sound in the game is very reminiscent of the eight-bit toys of the nineties. It is also worth noting that LaTale completely excludes mouse control. For this purpose, only the keyboard is used, namely the F1-F12 and WASD keys.


In general, apparently LaTale is intended primarily for casual gamers, as well as for teens and female gamers. The game is quite bright and cheerful and, at the same time, moderately difficult. It makes it possible to relax well after a working day and just relax, tapping your fingers on the keyboard.

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