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Overview of the game Lava Online

Lava Online is a free browser-based project by the domestic studio VR-Ocean, showing what can happen in the event of a neglect of nature. The post-apocalypse came after the eruption of the Yellowstone volcano, which caused irreversible consequences for the Earth, and then global cataclysms began like warming, drought, earthquakes and rising water levels.

Lava Online invites you to take on the role of a wanderer exploring wild desert lands. Of the technologies, humanity has only satellite navigation, with the help of which you will reach the first settlement on the mainland of New Africa. There, after a few portions of simple tasks, you will receive the initial equipment and further instructions.

Conventionally, the game world is divided into four territories: North Africa (Libya, Egypt, Algeria), where there is a large number of mutated creatures; Northeastern lands, where the standard of living has become so low that the districts resemble large ghettos; Central Africa is the most civilized area that people have been able to equip and turn into a law-abiding state; as well as the Desert Lands, fraught with a lot of unknown and in which you will have to spend the most time.

The project is made with a strong focus on PvP, so PvE fans are unlikely to feel safe. Although, if you are a member of a large clan, then it is unlikely that some pair of rogues will dare to touch you.

In general, Lava Online looks more than worthy against the background of similar browsers: interesting diverse locations, a gloomy post-apocalyptic style, and a lively combat system. And fans of the Wild West and the first part of Fallout should not pass by at all.

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