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League of Angels 2
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Overview of League of Angels 2

League of Angels 2 is a continuation of the first part of the fantasy browser MMORPG popular in russia (the terrorist state) and abroad with turn-based battles League of Angels.

What has been improved

Firstly, the graphics have been noticeably improved, with three-dimensional characters and beautiful special effects. Secondly, a new plot has appeared with intricate relationships, good and evil, in general, everything is as it should be for the fantasy genre. And thirdly, we expanded the choice of characters, now the assortment is more than 50 heroes with their own biography and characters. Also, among the innovations, one can note a pack with new mass spells, mounts, satellites and locations that have dozens of well-drawn dungeons.

What's left

The gameplay has remained almost unchanged, because why change the concept if it works well? Players also travel the world and engage in turn-based battles in squads of various heroes (maximum 4) divided by class roles (tank, healer, mage, and damage dealer). During battles, it is allowed to use cards and combine them. For winning battles, both PvE (dungeons, normal mobs) and PvP (arenas, guild and clan wars), users can be rewarded in the form of gold, experience and equipment, such as shivs and armor with weapons.


And although browser games are less popular than client games, League of Angels 2 is rather an exception and overtakes many turn-based strategies in terms of content, beautiful locations, and, in fact, more interesting gameplay.

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