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Legend Hunter
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Overview of the game Legend Hunter

Legend Hunter is a fantasy anime cross-platform MMORPG from Good Games LLC., which has already been released on the Android platform. Releases on Steam and iOS are also planned in the near future.

The main feature of the project is not the classic battles with mobs and pumping with the help of the grind, but full-fledged battles with giant bosses, of which there are 80 pieces in the game. Each boss has an individual set of characteristics and skills, which forces players to choose different tactics. As for other features, the game has destructible 3D arenas, the possibility of battles in 6v6, 9v9 and boss hunting modes. You can also trade with other players through the auction.

In general, the Legend Hunter smells of something new, which is probably why it is attractive, it remains only to find out how much it will last.

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