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Legend: Legacy of the Dragons is a browser-based MMORPG project that has been stable since 2006 and delights players with constant updates, stable online, interesting lore and gameplay.

The very concept of the game is far from unique, then what is the secret of such longevity, you ask? Firstly, the game is played by none other than the publisher, which has unlimited gold reserves and constantly advertises this product. Secondly, the quality of the product itself, Legacy of the Dragons looks great this year and, rest assured, will be even better next year. Tens of thousands of people who have tasted the magical world of Faeo repeat this every year on the forums.

According to the plot, the invasion of the forces of Darkness, as well as the constant war between people from the Ogriy continent and lava creatures (magmars) from the Khair mainland, put the world of Faeo on the brink of extinction. And only valiant heroes will be able to stop the bloody war and save the world. At the beginning of the game, users should immediately prepare for an abundance of texts, which, by the way, are made at a professional level and are very interesting to read.

The combat system in terms of quality is also not much different from the texts: beautifully animated duels, display of equipment on the heroes, nicely drawn battlefields. The heroes themselves are not tied to classes, which means that you can become anyone at any given time simply by changing equipment. Another significant plus is the possibility of fights not only in the arena, but even in the process of farming mobs. And while you are valiantly fighting a bunch of robbers, another player can join you, who in the future is able to both help and turn against you.

Among other features of the game, it is worth noting: a lot of events, instanced dungeons, a clan system, clan wars, regular sieges, an underwater world, mines, just a huge amount of equipment and weapons that have been appearing regularly since 2006.

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