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Overview of the game Legend of Ares

Fantasy MMORPG Legend of Ares is an updated version of the game of the same name from 2006, which did not find popularity in its time and was safely closed. Today, RedFox Games is resurrecting the project, promoting the game in the digital game distribution service Steam.

The project is focused towards PvP and mass battles, with the control of territories, the killing of leaders, the destruction of siege weapons. By the way, players liked this feature the most, because for winning such a battle, players get a low cost of goods from NPCs and cheap supplies for trade. As for the classes, there are four of them so far: Mage, Archer, Spearman and Knight. Each of them has a strictly defined role, so you should not expect much flexibility in development. The plot in the game is represented by a classic confrontation between two factions: the forces of the Alliance and the Empire.

In general, Legend of Ares has something to please the players, but it is aimed mainly at the old school audience. And although the project positions itself as a remaster of the 2006 game of the same name, the graphics here still leave much to be desired.

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