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Legend of Edda
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Overview of the game Legend of Edda

Legends of Edda is a fairly typical anime MMORPG with a high level of cuteness. The main thing in the game is the "chibi" style, which even many anime fans consider extreme and extraordinary. As a result, many small characters with huge heads and eyes appeared. These heroes happily travel through cartoon locations, destroying each other with the help of magic spells. At the same time, everything is accompanied by screaming children's cries.

Game features

The Legends of Edda client weighs no more than 800 Mb, although it looks pretty solid. The game world here is a real wonderland with milky rivers, jelly banks and the taste of chewing gum. However, even such peaceful landscapes should not mislead you, because the main emphasis here is on the PvP mode. Here it includes many varieties, including both solo duels and large-scale guild battles with RvR battles. These battles include battles between the Titans and Olympus. The main difference between these factions is that some have day in the locations, while others have night. Otherwise, there are no significant differences between them.

Mass battles

According to the site MMOTOP.ORG, it is the massive battles in Legends of Edda that are of particular interest. Their essence lies in the fact that crowds of desperate tadpoles meet each other at a certain point, and then after their collision you become a witness to a real fight with a bunch of special effects. The loser of this battle will lose not only most of their fighters, but also the respect for their faction. Further, the defeated side will have to retreat at an accelerated pace so as not to lose everyone. In general, the whole gameplay looks very bright and funny, which can appeal to even experienced gamers.

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