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Legend of Edda game overview

Legend of Edda
Game genre: MMORPG
Available regions:
Game setting: Fantasy
Release date: September 28, 2009
Game class / Title: B
Game engine Unknown
EYA Interactive
Free to Play

Legend of Edda is an enchanting anime MMORPG that captivates players with its high level of cuteness and unique "chibi" style. Developed by Eyasoft and published by GamesCampus, this game introduces players to a whimsical world filled with small characters boasting large heads and expressive eyes. These charming heroes embark on exciting adventures through colorful, cartoon-like locations, engaging in thrilling magic duels accompanied by spirited, childlike exclamations. The game was officially released on September 30, 2009, and has since been available on PC. The development of Legend of Edda took approximately two years, targeting the anime and MMORPG enthusiast market. The game supports Windows operating systems, making it accessible to a wide range of PC gamers who enjoy immersive PvP experiences and visually appealing environments.

The game world of Legend of Edda is a whimsical wonderland with milky rivers, jelly banks, and a delightful taste of chewing gum. Despite the serene landscapes, the game’s primary focus is on its PvP mode, offering a variety of engaging combat scenarios. Players can participate in solo duels, large-scale guild battles, and intense RvR (Realm vs. Realm) battles between the Titans and Olympus factions. Each faction experiences different environmental conditions, such as day or night, adding a strategic layer to the gameplay.

Legend of Edda boasts a solid player base with over 100,000 active players daily and a yearly engagement of around 1.5 million. Since its launch, the game has amassed a player base of over 10 million users worldwide. The game’s client is lightweight, weighing no more than 800 MB, yet offers a rich and vibrant game world that is both captivating and entertaining. The game was meticulously crafted by a dedicated team at Eyasoft, who spent two years refining the whimsical environments and engaging PvP mechanics. The target market includes anime fans and MMORPG enthusiasts, appealing particularly to those who appreciate charming, visually distinct game worlds.

According to MMOTOP.ORG, the massive battles in Legend of Edda are particularly captivating. These battles involve large groups of players meeting at designated points, resulting in spectacular clashes filled with dazzling special effects. The stakes are high, as the losing side not only suffers substantial losses but also faces a significant drop in faction respect. These vibrant and humorous battles are a highlight of the gameplay, offering excitement for both new and experienced gamers.


Our editorial team at MMOTOP.ORG has taken an in-depth look at Legend of Edda. The game impresses with its charming graphics and engaging PvP combat. The chibi style, while not for everyone, adds a unique flair that sets it apart from other MMORPGs. The lightweight client is a plus, making it accessible to a broader audience. However, the game does have some drawbacks, such as repetitive gameplay and limited customization options for characters. Overall, Legend of Edda scores a solid 55 out of 100. It’s a delightful game that offers plenty of fun, especially for fans of anime and PvP combat, but it may not have the depth needed to keep hardcore MMORPG players engaged long-term.


What platforms is Legend of Edda available on?

Legend of Edda is available on PC, specifically for Windows operating systems.

When was Legend of Edda released?

Legend of Edda was released on September 30, 2009.

What is the main focus of the gameplay in Legend of Edda?

The main focus of Legend of Edda is on PvP combat, including solo duels, guild battles, and Realm vs. Realm (RvR) battles.

How many active players does Legend of Edda have?

Legend of Edda has over 100,000 active players daily and a yearly engagement of around 1.5 million players.

Game information last update: 14.04.2024

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