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Legend of Heroes
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Legend of Heroes is a fantasy-style browser-based MMORPG with eye-catching graphics, a compelling world-saving story, and tactical map battles. At the beginning of the gameplay, a single hero is given to the gamer, with an average degree of steepness, it can be a magician, shooter or warrior, then a series of quests is launched, as you progress through which your character acquires a group of thugs and finally defeats world evil.

The presence of a companion system provides the ability to upgrade characters individually, and if one of them dies, the game mechanics will allow you to resurrect any of them right on the battlefield. The chance to win directly depends on the competent placement of wards and on the degree of their pumping, as well as personal characteristics and skills: strength, accuracy and magic. In addition to dungeons, the project provides an opportunity to fight other players in the Arenas. In addition, the gameplay provides for the construction of a castle with a land plot on which you can equip your garden.

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