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Legend of Martial Arts
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Overview of the game Legend of Martial Arts

There are very few comedy projects in the MMO genre today. Many developers prefer to pursue violence and bright colors. At the same time, they forget that role-playing projects are interesting not only for brutal battles and a sea of ​​blood. In this regard, for the majority of gamers, the appearance on the domestic expanses of the localization of the famous game Legend of Martial Arts was a real discovery. This game is an Asian fairy tale.


The gameplay of this new game is based on the myths of ancient China, which for many will seem familiar. Of course, the creators of the project are not going to rethink Chinese history. They simply developed their own fairy-tale world, which is significantly different from many other games in the genre. At the same time, the game is not designed for gamers with different preferences. There are no busty heroines in metal bras. At the same time, instead of them, you will be offered heroes who look like youngsters.

game path

The game offers 2 races - Humans and Rivers. The game path starts with a neophyte for Humans or an adept for Rivers. At level 10, you will be prompted to choose one of two classes - Fighter or Wizard for Humans, and Hero or Reaper for Rivers. Level 30 allows you to choose any of the two subclasses. Already at level 60, you get access to two more specialties. Therefore, if it seems to you that there is little variety here, then this is just an illusion. In practice, the Legend of Martial Arts presents huge opportunities for character development.

Game world

The game world of Legend of Martial Arts looks very diverse and quite extensive. It is divided into many locations, interconnected by means of teleports. The playing areas here look completely different. There are both green plains and snowy mountains and even deserts. However, this is not what is of more interest, but the presence in the game of 19 martial arts at once, which each character can access. If you want to take part in battles, then the game will also offer great opportunities here. At the same time, you can fight not only in open space, but also in dark dungeons. Therefore, if you decide to start hunting for some boss hiding underground, then there you can meet militant comrades. In addition, the game has special battle arenas with a system of clan battles. All this gives you the opportunity to regularly participate in battles for control of the lands.

Technical specifications

Given the rather simple technical requirements, downloading Legend of Martial Arts will not create any problems for you. Even gamers with relatively weak computers can play this game. In general, according to the MMOTOP.ORG website, this game is more suitable for players who prefer a calm and relaxing gameplay, which is combined with a high-quality picture and good music.

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