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Legend of Mir 3
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Overview of the game Legend of Mir 3

Legends of Mir 3 is a direct continuation of the Asian project Legends of Mir 2. A distinctive feature of the game from its predecessor is a slightly improved graphics that offers as much as 16 bits, not 8, as it was before. In addition, the project is distinguished by beautiful gaming locations with ample opportunities. In particular, the game world here is several times larger than in the second part. Also new idanji characters appeared in Legends of Mir 3. Now you will have access to the customization of heroes, which we have not seen before in this series.


In general, according to the site MMOTOP.ORG, the game is not much different from its predecessor. Legends of Mir 3 is a cross between Ultima Online and Diablo 2. At the same time, the game offers a much greater concentration of action and exciting large-scale battles in which several hundred users take part. The game has gained particular popularity among gamers in Southeast Asia. Although, in the western regions the situation looks quite positive. In total, there are 4 classes in Legends of Mir 3 Wizard, Fighter, Taoist and Assassin. Moreover, it is the Taoist who deserves the greatest interest. It can be considered a combination of two traditional buffer and healer classes at the same time. Game quests look quite typical. You will be offered to engage in the destruction of various living creatures, including partridges, wild boars, and so on. Subsequently, you can cut all this living creatures into wings, skins and paws.

Game Benefits

The main advantage of the game Legends of Mir 3 can be considered the most free PvP mode. Therefore, outside of peaceful territory, you can be attacked in any situation, so here you can be prepared for anything. At the same time, you can not only be killed, but also figuratively take your place. All this makes the fights especially exciting. That is, the massive PvP mode here is based on gaining control over certain locations. This is what is considered here the main source of fun. Summary In general, Legends of Mir 3 is a typical representative of a cohort of old-school projects from the mmorpg genre. This game is notable for the paucity of the cut and the abundance of interesting content. In addition, the project offers a fairly severe gameplay. Therefore, it will surely appeal to all fans of such old-school projects as Ultima Online and Everquest.

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