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Legend of Slayers
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Overview of the game Legend of Slayers

Legend of Slayers is a browser game made in the style of a Japanese manga and has: a party system, a built-in editor that provides the ability to create personal battlegrounds, guilds and turn-based battles. The project also has three classes represented by a Mage, a Monk and a Warrior, six types of heroes and two types of quests, some of which are designed to extract money, while others experience.

Battles in Legend of Slayers take place in automatic mode, so after entering into various battles, the gamer takes care of developing skills and finding equipment for his character, and the game does the rest. In fact, the meaning of Legend of Slayers lies in the ability to get weapons and armor, since future victories or defeats depend on the equipment of your subordinates, and the more victories, the higher your position in the global ranking. The idea of ​​the game is as old as the world, but the project is still popular today, perhaps thanks to the same battleground editor.

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