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Legend Online 2
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Overview of the game Legend Online 2

Legend Online 2 is a juicy fantasy in the spirit of Demon Slayer and a good storyline, solid battles and flying islands like in Avatar. In addition, here all the time you need to fight with the gods, save princesses and defeat epic bosses who live peacefully in their dungeons.

Many fairy-tale creatures help the hero in this - and if at the beginning of the game he travels alone, then after only a few hours a whole support group will trail behind him.

Fights in Legend Online 2 are turn-based. But, unlike other browser-based RPGs, the system of active battles is implemented here. That is, the player himself decides which skill to use in order to perform a combination, causing enormous damage as a result. Pumped characters have access to the arena, where players organize PvP in 1vs1, 3vs3 and 8vs8 formats. Well, for fans of large-scale battles, there are guild and inter-server wars here.

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