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Legends of Aria ClassicShards Online
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Overview of the game Legends of Aria Classic

Legends of Aria (Shards Online) is a project in the MMORPG genre with an isometric view, offering players a completely open world, a "no-dead" character leveling system, complex dialogues with NPCs (up to talking about the weather, which can lead to the next quest), the consequences of actions of each individual player, support for mods and much more.

Open dynamic world

The developers plan to implement a large, open, seamless world that can change depending on the actions of the players. For example, the user will be able to steal a dragon's egg today, and the next day the dragon will attack the city in search of his offspring. NPCs here can also move, so after talking about a quest in one place, next time you should not look for NPCs in the same place, maybe he wanted to go to the tavern? At the same time, some particularly diligent players can get the status of the "God" of the server and then become immortal with unique abilities like instant teleportation, invisibility and others. They will also be able to change the rules for the home server.

"Unlocked" development system

Like most MMOs, Shards Online has a class based role division system. However, here you do not have to level the character again, realizing at the cap level that this is not your class. Each player here initially starts with basic characteristics and skills that are pumped depending on the use, reading tomes, talking with trainers or other players who are fluent in one or another ability. Therefore, having received a specialization and realizing that this is not yours, you can simply deactivate unnecessary skills (each user has a limit on the number of skills) and master the necessary ones for further pumping.


The game will have both official and custom servers that players can create on their own with their own set of rules. The developers even created their own "Cluster" technology, which allows users to travel their heroes to different servers using portals, both static and self-created.


And for creative individuals, the developers from Citadel Studios were able to prepare a rather interesting mod system. Each user who created the server will be able to create new skills, abilities, crafting recipes, rare resources, write new AI for NPCs and creatures, create new storylines, events, and even implement new game modes.


Having heard a lot of predictions about various open-world MMORPGs that even on the wave of hype could not reach the “popular” mark, it is now difficult to take the promises of the developers seriously. But it seems that Citadel Studios is aware of user concerns and therefore regularly streams, carefully collects feedback from alpha testers and constantly communicates with the community. It remains only to wish them good luck, because the project, according to the idea, should really turn out to be worthwhile.

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