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Lego Legends of Chima Online game overview

Lego Legends of Chima Online
Game genre: MMORPG
Available regions:
Game setting: Fantasy
Release date: October 1, 2013
Game class / Title: C
Game engine Unity
Warner Bros. Interactive
Free to Play

Lego Legends of Chima Online is an engaging online game for kids, crafted by the renowned Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. This project, which marks the third entry in the Lego series, stands out as the only one featuring an online mode. Released in 2013, the game was designed to captivate a young audience with its imaginative gameplay and educational elements. Developed over a span of two years, the game targets children aged 6-12, aiming to blend entertainment with cognitive development.

The game unfolds in the vibrant virtual world of Chima, where players immerse themselves in the epic battles of intelligent animals. Each animal race boasts unique techniques, weapons, and gadgets, all of which can be assembled from individual Lego bricks, mirroring the iconic physical Lego building experience. The game offers an array of compelling missions, where players embark on treasure hunts and build their kingdoms, fostering creativity and strategic thinking.

Lego Legends of Chima Online supports multiple platforms, including PC and Mac, ensuring accessibility for a broad audience. With millions of users since its launch, the game enjoys a robust player base, with thousands of active daily players. The combination of engaging gameplay and educational value has contributed to its popularity, making it a staple in the realm of children's online gaming.

Developed with meticulous attention to detail, the game underwent extensive testing to ensure a seamless and enjoyable experience. The development team, comprised of seasoned professionals, collaborated closely with educators to incorporate elements that promote logical thinking and problem-solving skills. As a result, Lego Legends of Chima Online has been well-received by both parents and children alike.

Review from MMOTOP.ORG

From the editors at MMOTOP.ORG, Lego Legends of Chima Online offers a delightful blend of entertainment and education. The game's vibrant graphics and engaging storylines captivate young players, while the building and strategic elements promote cognitive development. However, the game does have its shortcomings. The online mode, though innovative, can be restrictive due to occasional connectivity issues. Additionally, while the missions are diverse, they may become repetitive over time for more experienced young gamers.

Overall, Lego Legends of Chima Online is a commendable effort by Warner Bros., combining the beloved Lego brand with interactive online gameplay. We rate the game at 65 out of 100, recognizing its potential and impact on young minds, but also acknowledging the areas that could benefit from improvement.


What platforms does Lego Legends of Chima Online support?

Lego Legends of Chima Online supports both PC and Mac platforms.

When was Lego Legends of Chima Online released?

The game was released in 2013.

Who is the target audience for Lego Legends of Chima Online?

The target audience for the game is children aged 6-12.

What are the main features of Lego Legends of Chima Online?

The game features battles between intelligent animal races, building with Lego bricks, treasure hunts, and kingdom construction.

Is Lego Legends of Chima Online educational?

Yes, the game promotes logical thinking and problem-solving skills, making it both entertaining and educational.

Game information last update: 21.02.2024

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