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Let's Hunt Monsters is a Tencent project using blockchain and augmented virtual reality (AR) technologies like CryptoKitties and Pokémon Go. The game was developed for Android and IOS platforms exclusively for the Chinese region, but it is possible that it will also be released on the international market.

Users in Let's Hunt Monsters, like Pokémon Go players, must catch digital monsters by throwing a ball at them. But if in the case of Pokemon it is a pokeball, then in the brainchild of Tencent it is a "ball to protect against monsters." Another item here is the bell, which, when used, pulls nearby creatures out of hiding, similar to Pokémon Go's incense. Monsters after being caught must be activated and developed, they can also fight and occupy landmarks on the map.

There are currently 243 monsters available in the game and many of them are characters from Chinese cartoons (Calabash Brothers) or Chinese legends (such as the Monkey King). All of them are divided into different roles: assassins, tanks, damage dealers, ranged combat. For example, the Monkey King (also known as Sun Wukong) is able to stun enemies for a few seconds.

In the crypto part of the project, players can trade, exchange and breed up to 110 billion digital kittens stored on blockchains developed by Tencent. It is not clear if virtual cats can be caught in the same way as monsters.

As a result, Tencent, as always, was the first in the Chinese market with such a game, since Pokémon Go was always banned there, and CryptoKitties came out in February 2018 and is successfully controlled by the government of the Middle Kingdom, which now and then forbids cryptocurrency trading

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