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Overview of the game Life Forge

Life Forge is a 2D fantasy MMORPG developed by five programmers using RPG Maker. The project is a good advertisement for the program, as the capabilities of the pixel RPG are impressive: full-fledged PvP, a large amount of PvE content, character customization and upgrade, crafting, mount system, threat accumulation system (like in WoW), and much more. But first things first.

The game has a story. This is a classic fantasy adventure of a pixel character in a pixel world. The main goal will be to defeat all the bosses. To reach the end, you must first collect resources and craft weapons. Then you can start looking for partners. Fortunately, the search will not last long since the game is made with an emphasis on the social component. In addition to finding friends to play with, you can sell things to strangers, compete in the PvP arena, and create and develop your guild.

Among other features of the project, one can single out: the ability to choose both the light and the dark side as the plot develops, unique bosses with an individual set of skills and requiring specific tactics, as well as a weight system that determines the speed of movement depending on the weight of items in the inventory and on the hero.

In general, according to the description, Life Forge looks more than attractive, but it remains only to test it in practice after the release, which was planned a year after the game was in the early access program.

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