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Overview of the game Life of Rome

Life of Rome is an original mmorpg that was created directly for the Oculus Rift virtual helmet. The project developers tried to recreate the atmosphere of the former greatness of the Roman Empire. All aspects of the life of this era were worked out in the game, including battles, political intrigues, trade relations and culture.

Game process

Users in Life of Rome are offered the choice of one of two main factions - the barbarians and the Roman Empire. As part of these factions, you will take part in the development of your city. How the gameplay will look like in its final version is not yet clear. To date, the Life of Rome project is at the pre-alpha testing stage. But already now it includes more than 50 square kilometers of residential gaming areas, which, however, host only two cities. As a character, you can choose one of ten options, which will vary in the future. In addition, elements of the crafting system are already observed in the game at this stage.


In the future, it is planned to equip cities with special zones for crafting, as well as territories for a training camp and a market. In addition, the developers are going to provide the ability to build small villages and camps, as well as adjust the market system. All of this will be available already at the stage of closed alpha testing. Thus, according to the MMOTOP.ORG website, the Life of Rome project is still far from its final version.

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