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Review of the game Guard of the Light

Guard of Light is an isometric browser-based MMORPG developed by Proficient City and published by EspritGames. The project allows players to try on the role of the hero of Ancient Greece and go to fight hordes of mythical monsters.

According to the plot, the constant quarrels of the mighty gods of Olympus led them to a destructive war with each other, which affected people first of all. Assessing the scale of destruction, the goddess Athena tried to restore order, but was powerless. And only the chosen one of the prophecy, that is, the player, can stop the War of the Gods by finding a magical artifact.

At the beginning of the game, as always, we get to the character window, where we select the desired class: warrior, mage or archer. Unfortunately, the classes here are tied to gender, so when choosing an archer you will play a girl, but if you want to play a magician or a warrior, you will have to limit yourself to the male gender. After creating the character and watching the CG cutscene! (very unusual for browsers) we are offered to go through a tutorial lasting up to 3 minutes, after which all restrictions are removed.

The combat system in the game is built on the principle of hack'n'slash, that is, you can beat without selecting a target. There are many skills, eight of which you can place on the hotbar. It is allowed to fight both with monsters, passing dungeons and locations, and with other players. PvP modes include an arena with a rating system, clan wars, and even server-to-server battles. Also, a nice bonus is good 3D graphics with an abundance of special effects and beautiful CG videos.

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