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Light of Darkness is a browser-based Action/MMORPG with good graphics and PvE content orientation. As it usually happens, games of this kind stand out poorly, especially in terms of graphics, but the developers have tried and brought a high-quality three-dimensional picture into the game no worse than Drakensang Online or City of Steam. The classic isometric camera suits this fantasy world full of colors right and left, and the characters look like walking special effects.

Behind the beautiful graphics of "Light of Darkness" hides no less good gameplay. At the beginning, as usual, you are supposed to choose a character class, there are only three of them: berserker, rogue and magician, who do an excellent job with crowds of enemies in the classic diablo style. The development of each of the characters consists of three elements: pumping the level and skills, finding new equipment and improving pets, which also have a beneficial effect on the characteristics of the hero. As for resources, there is a unique resource "chronoenergy", which is accumulated with the help of the meditation skill and is probably the most valuable in the game.

As befits a browser-based MMORPG, the game has a part of the automation, which for some is a minus, but for others it will be to their liking. For example, it automatically searches for and collects quests, completes tasks and kills monsters along with bosses after you leave the computer. Of course, this approach is very suitable for lazy players and office workers who love to watch how the character lives his life, but it is unlikely to contribute to a long immersion in a fabulous, beautiful, but too "independent" project.

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