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Lime Odyssey
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Overview of the game Lime Odyssey

Lime Odyssey is a rather interesting project from Korean developers, the very ones who worked on the legendary Ragnarok Online. The game is made in anime style, has a bright picture with fairly typical characters. All the characters in the game traditionally have large eyes and everything that relies on anime style. More information about the project can be found on the MMOTOP.ORG website.


According to the plot, Lime Odyssey is close to many games of the genre. It is based on a divine resource, the possession of which would allow acquiring unique abilities. However, as soon as the mysterious resource disappeared for some reason, the world of Orth quickly plunged into many merciless warriors and confrontations. Therefore, the task of each hero is to search for this substance, which they must give to all races living in the magical world.

Division into races and clans

There are three races in the game: nomads (Humans), swindlers (Muris) and brave warriors (Turga). At the same time, they are divided into seven classes - Warrior, Thief, Wizard, Novis, Cleric, Hunter and Puppeteer. In addition, each hero can also learn a peaceful profession. He can become a blacksmith, carpenter, scientist, cook, merchant, seamstress and even a bartender. In general, everything is quite typical and standard, and therefore it may seem boring for many.

Game world

However, the gameplay will not make you bored. To ward off this boredom, the game world of Lime Odyssey is made so volatile that when you take the same task again and again, you will need to complete it in a completely different way. In addition, in Lime Odyssey, users can construct buildings that are not purely formal elements of the scenery, as in many other projects. For example, a house can be turned into a bar, a shop, a smithy, or even a carpentry workshop.

Those who like to work with the earth can grow a beautiful garden around their home. Larger guilds can generally create their own settlements. It is believed that the best option for construction is the southern outskirts of Horta. This territory is considered neutral and can be used by any race. Such a component of the game as character customization also looks very attractive. This aspect has always been very important for MMORPG games. In Lime Odyssey, with the help of customization, you can, for example, put at least three items on your head. Each character has 14 slots that can be used to equip various cool items.

General impression

Of course, Lime Odyssey is not distinguished by modern graphics, as well as beautiful music and very interesting quests. However, despite this, in general, the game leaves a good impression. This is a solid and balanced project, which was created by Aeria Games with a rather limited budget.

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