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Overview of the game Lineage 2: Remastered

Lineage 2: Remastered is an upcoming graphics-enhanced version of Lineage 2 that will supposedly be based on the Unreal Engine 4.

It became known after the publication of vacancies on the NCSOFT website in November 2019, where the latter was looking for employees to work on three-dimensional graphics in Maya and 3dsMax, with a certain level of English proficiency and knowledge of Unreal Engine 4. It can be assumed that the game will be released abroad at the same time as Korean version.

It is worth noting that NCSOFT has already released a remaster, but the first part of Lineage. At that time, the game acquired an updated visual range, improved resolution, the interface and other aspects were finalized. Will Lineage 2: Remastered be distributed on a separate client or will it be a regular patch for the original version? We believe that the company will soon tell you more about this.


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