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Lineage M game overview

Lineage M
Game genre: MMORPG
Available regions:
Game setting: Fantasy
Release date: April 17, 2019
Game class / Title: B
Game engine Unreal Engine 4
Free to Play

Lineage M is an exceptional mobile port of the original Lineage game, developed and published by the renowned South Korean company NCSOFT. Launched in June 2017, this mobile adaptation brings the essence of the classic 1998 MMORPG to modern devices, maintaining its rich gameplay and intricate systems. Available on both iOS and Android platforms, Lineage M has been meticulously optimized for touchscreen controls, providing a seamless gaming experience for mobile users.

The game retains the iconic isometric view and features a plethora of activities, including extensive raids, challenging dungeons, and a robust clan system. Players can choose from seven distinct classes, each offering unique abilities and playstyles. One of the standout features is the game's developed political and economic systems, allowing players to seize land, impose taxes, and engage in complex negotiations and alliances. Lineage M boasts an infinite leveling system, ensuring endless growth and character development for those dedicated to the grind.

Lineage M also offers a vast array of non-repetitive quests and a comprehensive crafting system, where players can create unique items. Remarkably, some items in the original Lineage were so rare they existed in single copies. The mobile version preserves this rarity, adding an element of exclusivity and excitement to item collection. The interface has undergone significant changes to suit mobile devices, ensuring that players can comfortably navigate and enjoy the game on smaller screens.

Since its release, Lineage M has garnered a significant player base, with daily active users estimated in the hundreds of thousands. Annual player figures reach into the millions, showcasing the game's enduring popularity. The cumulative player base since launch is impressive, reflecting the game's ability to captivate and retain its audience. While immensely successful in Korea, the game's reception in other regions has been cautious, partly due to the earlier discontinuation of the PC version in those markets. However, NCSOFT's careful approach suggests a potential for future expansion.

Developed over several years, Lineage M was crafted with the intention of capturing the mobile gaming market, particularly targeting audiences familiar with the original Lineage as well as new players looking for an in-depth MMORPG experience on their mobile devices. The development team focused on adapting the game’s complex mechanics to a touch-based interface, ensuring that it retained the depth and engagement of its predecessor. The game’s success is evident, with millions of players engaging with its content annually, and a dedicated player base that continues to grow.


As editors at MMOTOP.ORG, we find Lineage M to be a commendable adaptation of its classic predecessor. The game retains the core elements that made Lineage a legend in the MMORPG genre, while successfully transitioning to mobile platforms. The touch-optimized interface is intuitive, and the gameplay remains as engaging as ever, with its complex systems and deep mechanics.

However, there are areas where Lineage M could improve. The game's monetization model, while lucrative for the developers, can be off-putting for players who prefer a more balanced approach between free and paid content. Additionally, the game’s performance on older mobile devices can occasionally falter, impacting the overall user experience.

Despite these shortcomings, Lineage M stands out for its faithful recreation of the original game's magic on a new platform. We rate Lineage M at 65 out of 100, acknowledging its strengths in maintaining the essence of Lineage while identifying room for improvement in accessibility and performance.


What platforms is Lineage M available on?

Lineage M is available on both iOS and Android platforms.

When was Lineage M released?

Lineage M was released in June 2017.

How many players play Lineage M daily?

Lineage M has hundreds of thousands of daily active users.

What are the main features of Lineage M?

Lineage M features include extensive raids, dungeons, a clan system, seven classes, a developed political and economic system, infinite leveling, unique item crafting, and a touch-optimized interface.

Who developed and published Lineage M?

Lineage M was developed and published by NCSOFT.

Game information last update: 16.05.2024

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