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Overview of the game Living After War

Living After War is another online post-apocalyptic project. This game combined genres such as RTS and RPG. The plot of the game is based on the events after a powerful nuclear catastrophe, which led to the total destruction of all life on our planet. Some people went on a space journey, and after two hundred years they returned to the destroyed Earth. Here they were met by super-soldiers of the Nak race, who were created by mankind before the cataclysm.

Game structure

There are 2 races in Living After War, including Humans and the Nak race. In each of the races there are three classes, such as Warrior, Psionic (similar to the wizard) and Ghost (similar to the assassin). In addition to this traditional division into races and classes, the game has everything you need for a traditional MMORPG, namely battles with mobs, all kinds of quests, the ability to upgrade characters, and crafting.

Distinctive features

The real feature of the game can be considered resource battles. In these wars, the player will have to build bases near resource deposits. To defend this outpost, you will have to gather your army of units, which will include not only foot soldiers, but also military vehicles, tanks and helicopters. It is at this stage that you will feel the combination of two genres - RPG and RTS. Apparently, the developers put on such a combination and did not lose. Indeed, according to the MMOTOP.ORG website, the most interesting and exciting games are formed precisely at the junction of various genres. Therefore, the developers of Living After War managed to create a truly unique project.

Game process

In general, the two most popular genres RTS and RPG have been coexisting well in offline games for several years now. At the same time, in online projects, such a combination looks very unusual. Although, at first glance, the project looks like a typical MMORPG project. Immediately you will have the opportunity to choose one of the two races, Humans and super soldiers Nak. Also, at the beginning of the game, you should decide on the class, of which there are only three in the game so far. Then you do the usual things for games of the RPG genre, such as quests, destroying hundreds of mobs and pumping. However, after a certain time from the beginning of the gameplay, the project sharply turns towards RTS, showing itself from a completely different side. Of course, we are talking about resource battles in this case.

Resource Wars

It is resource battles that are the main feature of the project. Two races will participate in them - Humans and Nucks. None of them wanted to concede in this war, which, like any other, requires many resources. It is for these resources that you will need to fight at this stage of the game. At the same time, you will need to fight not only on your own, but also with the help of a large army consisting of tanks, futuristic robots and helicopters. The essence of resource wars is the struggle for deposits, which are located in different places on the global map. These resources can be developed and sent to your base. At the same time, your base will become for you not only an industrial point, but also a real military outpost. Here you can build high walls, as well as build defensive fortifications with numerous turrets, guns and other defensive mechanisms. It is clear that in order to maintain the functioning of such a base, you will have to fight for resources with other players. To do this, you will be able to use all the high-tech military potential in the game.


In general, the game Living After War really has something to please modern gamers. In addition to the unique gameplay, the project has excellent graphics and many other advantages. This is especially interesting, because in many modern projects, the creators often stop at one direction, abandoning all others. In Living After War, all components of the gameplay are at a very high level. And given that LAW has just begun its existence, then it will only progress in the future.

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