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Lord of Dice is a free-to-play strategy RPG with TCG elements developed by Ciousya for iOS and Android and published by Kakao Games. In it, users will become "breakers" - teams consisting of different characters and fighting to regain their memories and escape from the Tower of Eternity.

To do this, you need to participate in various PvP and PvE battles. Of course, at first it will be difficult and all your characters will look like little chibi, but as you progress through missions and pumping, they will grow up to their true selves and change their aesthetic state for the better.

PvE battles here take place according to the board game system, where you need to roll dice and move around. Board arenas are filled with monsters and traps to avoid. So, by collecting a large number of characters and diversifying the team, you will get even more combinations that are so required in PvP, passing through the same type.

In general, the project looks quite unique and does not look like the usual tactical RPGs with CCG elements, and the hidden difficulties that abound here will intrigue and open up even more different strategies.

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