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Lost Saga
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Overview of Lost Saga

More recently, fighting games have begun to go online. Of course, most of them are made the same and quite simple. They are often the usual duels, which consist of a crazy beating of the keyboard. We have already written about such games on the MMOTOP.ORG website more than once. One of the classic representatives of this genre is Lost Saga. Although, this project looks better than many competitors. In addition, it is distinguished by the use of interesting original ideas.


As for the gameplay, in Lost Saga it looks pretty standard. The game is fought between two groups with a maximum of up to 16 fighters in each team. They can choose to fight in one of 11 locations. There are 6 game modes in total, ranging from a typical death match to a more interesting capture of the flag. Each of these modes requires the player not only manual dexterity and well-developed motor skills, but also the ability to fight in a team.

Hero Specialization

In Lost Saga, all heroes can be divided into three main types - melee fighters, ranged damage dealers and magicians. Each class has several dozen characters with their own unique skills and original appearance. In total, the game includes more than 50 heroes, among which there are very interesting characters, such as the Dark Reaper, Cybernetic Medic, Robin Hood, Space Marine or Karate Master.

Game Features

All fights are quite typical, and if you win, you get experience and level up your character. Then you can learn new abilities and improve equipment. Controlling the hero is quite simple - for this you need to use the WASD keys and the F1-F12 buttons.

The picture in Lost Saga has a rather pleasant appearance. It uses a beautiful cartoon style, making all the fights look bright and spectacular. Despite the small number of cards, they are all quite diverse and attractive. For example, there are locations made in the style of the Wild West and maps made to look like a space base.

Battle Features

All battles in Lost Saga will test your tactical thinking. To succeed in battles, you should always keep an eye on your allies using the mini-map and try to stay close to the group. When you lose health points, you not only get closer to the spawn point, but also lose some other characteristics. There are even situations when your hero is almost completely without armor and remains naked. On the contrary, if you intercept the armor or weapons dropped by another hero in time, you can tip the scales of the balance in your favor.

General impression

In general, Lost Saga gives the impression of a beautiful, vibrant and interesting game. It will be a good option for recreation for any gamer and it will not take you a lot of free time. Unfortunately, to date the game has not yet been translated into russian (the terrorist state).

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