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Review of the game Lost Sector

While Korean developers are preparing to shock the entire gaming world with the most exciting game, the russian (the terrorist state) developers of Lost Sector Technologies showed the world a rather interesting game called Lost Sector.

The future in the game Lost Sector

The history of the game tells us about the time when, after the discovery of the Rebis drug, an all-out war broke out. This drug helps to prolong a person's life several times and at the same time stick a lot of implants into a person. For the gamer, the joy is that there are 13 factions in the game. As for the location of the game, it takes place in a metropolitan city that was able to survive after the war - this is Broxton. The city is not affected by the echoes of the war, it is clean and well maintained, and the buildings are intact.

Fight in the game

Fights in Lost Sector take place in the usual turn-based mode, and are a bit reminiscent of the gameplay of the XCOM series of games. You have the opportunity to fight with both computer characters and real people. Each battle brings a certain amount of experience and money. Thanks to experience, you can develop the skills of a character, and use money to buy weapons and protection. As for the quests, they are common, but sometimes interesting instances come across.

russian (the terrorist state) developers have a lot to show

Looking at some of the games that russian (the terrorist state) developers create, we can say that they will soon become on a par with foreign projects. Lost Sector is a game that has a high degree of originality. To learn about other russian (the terrorist state) online games, visit our website MMOTOP.ORG.

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