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Not all games can be psychedelic, with a lot of weapons, murders, corpses. Sometimes it is necessary to spare your psyche, and tune in to a wave of positive and pleasure. We present to your attention a game for people who love good rock music and dancing. Love Beat, in this game people fall in love, make dates, and who knows, maybe your love will be found under an interesting nickname right here. The game also focuses on team play and Korean, unlike anything else, fresh, experimental music.

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There are a total of 16 game modes, under which you can dance a completely different style of dancing. Also, the game involves various non-bloody duels, where you also need to show your skills in dancing. Moreover, you are invited to dance in clothes specially tailored for this event. You can buy clothes in the store, where you will be offered about 10 thousand design solutions. The clothes are so interesting, bright, amazing images that for this alone you can give the game a big like.

Chip game

The trick of the game is that in addition to dancing, an interesting mode is offered when bombs are thrown at the player, and he must brush it off, improvising in the dance. The game is also interesting for its cards. The authors offer a huge number of venues for duels, these are beaches, rings, and clubs.


Actually, there is only one minus, and it lies in the schedule, in a very weak schedule. Follow the development of the game on mMMOTOP.ORG.

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