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Loya Attacking Forces
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Review of the game Loya Attacking Forces

Loya Attacking Forces is another Korean project made in the Action-RPG genre. It has a fairly simple gameplay and a mediocre picture. According to the site MMOTOP.ORG, there is nothing good and attractive in the game, except for the non-target system.

Game features

In fact, the game can be considered a clone of Dragon Nest. However, the clone turned out much worse than the progenitor. Here are the standard four classes that we have already seen in other games. These are Knight, Wizard, Summoner and Hunter. Therefore, here Loya Attacking Forces will not be able to surprise you with anything. The main game modes are arena battles, which can take place in 1v1, 3v3, or 15v15 formats.


To date, Loya Attacking Forces is only available to players in Southeast Asia and has no prospects for leaving this zone. However, Koreans stubbornly rivet such fakes, which indicates the interest in such games from local gamers.

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