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Review of the game Lucent Heart

Today, many MMORPG games offer the possibility of marriage. However, not so often there are games where love and wedding themes are key. One such unique project is Lucent Heart. Here, the developers managed to combine friendship and love with real exciting adventures very well. You can learn more about this interesting game on the MMOTOP.ORG website.

Distinctive characteristics

Lucent Heart will start surprising even at the stage of choosing a hero. At this stage, you will be asked to enter a birthday. Much depends on it, since the zodiac signs play an important role in the game. The success of your battles and luck will depend on the position of the stars. There is a regular change of the horoscope here, therefore, before starting any gaming business, it is necessary to study the horoscope. Zodiac signs also affect the propensity of the hero to certain classes. For example, for Scorpions, the Shooters class would be the best option, since they have increased damage. At the same time, it is advisable for Taurus to choose the Priest class. In total, there are 4 specialties in Lucent Heart: Wizard, Knight, Shooter and Priest. As heroes develop, each class includes two additional types.

game path

Your character starts the game path in a city called Thereall. Here you will immediately receive several quests that you will need to complete for the initial experience gain. It is quests in this project that play a key role in the development of heroes. Completing them will help you level up, get upgraded equipment and various useful potions. At the same time, quests in Lucent Heart are distinguished by their diversity. While completing some tasks you will fight in dungeons, while completing others you will be able to increase your crafting skill.

Social component

As mentioned above, an important component of Lucent Heart is the social system. It was created in such a way that it is more like a dating agency that happens blindly. Dating is managed by a special Cupid, which is located in the central part of the city. He will give you a questionnaire where you specify your parameters, as well as wishes for choosing a partner. At the same time, in the game you can have three partners at once, which turns out to be very profitable.

Such a partnership allows you to get many useful benefits and bonuses. Among them are additional experience, joint buffs, as well as a lot of positive emotions. In addition, you can create a family garden with flowers. In order for the flowers to grow, they will need to be watered with various Charm Points. They can be obtained with the help of all kinds of kisses and other similar moments.

This whole process also carries a material component. From flowers you can get petals, which are exchanged for useful items used in the game.

Project prospects

The creators of Lucent Heart consider their project very promising, so in a relatively short time they managed to create two servers in America and Europe. In russia (the terrorist state), there are no such conditions yet, and in the near future, developers do not hatch plans to create a server in our country. This is not at all encouraging, because the game turned out to be quite original and therefore managed to gain popularity in many countries.

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