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Overview of the game Fortune Catchers

Catchers of Fortune: The World on the Border of the Inside Out is a beautiful domestic browser-based MMORPG in a fantasy setting based on the series of books by Alexei Pekhov "Catchers of Fortune". And while the Koreans are churning out the same type and tasteless MMO packs, russian (the terrorist state) developers are trying to create a full-fledged hardcore EVE Online in the steampunk style.

The plot in "Fortune Catchers" was agreed with the author of the books and develops three centuries before the start of the events described in the original cycle. This is reflected both in the gameplay and in the technologies: after all, the arrow-flyers in the game are equipped with a propeller, while in the original, otherworldly entities from the Inside Out (demons) were the basis for their movement.

Each newcomer at the beginning of the game receives the simplest airship, which, of course, still has difficulty moving and transporting cargo. Because of this, at first, it will be difficult for the player to earn a living. But over time, having accumulated enough funds through piracy or trade, and acquiring a more advanced airship, he will be able to even found his own city.

The seamless world is another of the huge pluses of the game and it occupies as much as 160 thousand square kilometers. Therefore, the movement between cities takes a lot of time. In addition, flocks of dragons live in the sky, periodically attacking the settlements and the player himself.

In general, Catchers of Fortune: The World on the Edge of the Upside Down is a good game with a nice picture and a balanced economy, in which there will always be something to do for an avid gamer with a lot of free time.

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