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Luvinia Online
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Overview of the game Luvinia Online

Luvinia Online is the latest product to emerge from the Asian gaming container. It was beautifully packaged in a new wrapper and filled with regular content. However, despite this secondary nature, Luvinia Online has become quite popular in China. This project even decided to localize in Europe. This was done by the company Outspark Games, which was previously written about on the MMOTOP.ORG website. This office is known to domestic gamers for working with the game 7 Dragons.

Character classes

There are 3 classes of heroes in Luvinia Online, among which we see fairly typical warrior, wizard and thief. Once your hero reaches level 40, you gain access to 6 more subclasses. Further, after level 78, there is a division into 12 more subclasses. This system is nothing new, but it works quite well in this game. To make the battles more diverse, the developers decided to allow players to develop basic skills on the same level with unique skills.

Game world

Since the creators of Luvinia Online are well aware of their capabilities, they decided to take not quality, but quantity. For this, more than 120 locations were created in the game. The number of cities also exceeded fifty. In addition, in Luvinia Online you can move not only on land, but even under water. If you add to this scale also a decent number of mounts, as well as the ability to regularly arrange battles between the two factions, then you will immediately understand the reason for the huge popularity of the game in China. By the way, there are two factions in Luvinia Online - the Allied Peoples and the Empire.

In general, there is really a lot of content in the game, which leads to an interesting and lengthy gameplay. That is, you can play Luvinia Online for more than one month, but never go through it completely.

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