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M.U. Ignition
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Overview of the game MU Ignition

MU Ignition is a browser project by Webzen based on the famous fantasy MMORPG universe.

Among the large number of original PC versions, Ignition stands out with a combat system specially adapted for browsers, graphics, a lot of new equipment and additional gameplay elements. Users can choose from three different classes: Elf, Dark Mage and Dark Knight, each with a unique set of skills. You have to travel through the huge world of MU, visiting dungeons to clear them of monsters and bosses for the sake of loot, as well as completing various story quests.

In general, the project has been available in Asia for a long time, where it has gained good popularity, so the release in the West remained a matter of time. Let's hope that the game will stay here for a long time, because the constantly stamped browser-based MMORPG-one-day games are already quite tired and we want something really high quality.

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