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M4 Tank Brigade
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Sometimes games exactly copy a realistic picture, very afraid to bring even a drop of innovation and fantasy into the harsh map of the day. For example, the game M4 Tank Brigade, which can be viewed on MMOTOP.ORG. The game, in fact, replicates the battle that can take place in a real war or military exercises. All the tanks that are presented in the game accurately and in detail depict the real ones, while the authors did not invent absolutely nothing of their own, no gag, unlike some analogues with all sorts of fables in the form of "Mouses". The creators of the game offer to visually study real tanks, such as Shermans, PZ-IVs, Tigers and T-34s. For those who appreciate science fiction and arcades, please do not approach this game, here even the shooting is very realistic.

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The authors of the game took into account all the real possibilities and features of the tanks. Therefore, if you are in the M4 Tank Brigade, for example, then you will not be able to shoot from the driver's position, please change to the shooter's seat. Moreover, even the maps exactly correspond to the territories where skirmishes and military exercises are held. The only negative of the game is the weak graphics.

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