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Mabinogi game review

Nexon is as popular in South Korea as Blizzard is in the US or Akella in russia (the terrorist state). This rather large studio is periodically engaged in the release of quality games online. One such project is Mabinogi. This game is a rather original MMORPG. It was introduced in the USA back in 2008, and even earlier in the countries of the Asian continent. During this time, she was written about more than once on the MMOTOP.ORG website. Given the considerable age of the project, you need to make allowances for this when evaluating the graphics. It uses cartoon technology and cel-shading throughout. If this does not bother you, then you will not have any problems when playing Mabinogi.

The plot of the game

The plot of the Mabinogi project begins with an acquaintance with a pleasant girl, Neo, who will actually tell you about this unusual world. This character will show you how you can succeed here. The plot has many epic moments, exciting battles between good and evil, interesting adventures and incredible outcomes. At the same time, all significant events in the game are constantly accompanied by video inserts.

The principle of talking to NPCs has a lot in common with traditional RPGs. That is, here it will be necessary not only to press further, but to choose the answer option that suits you from the proposed ones. The right choice will help build a relationship between you and the NPC. In the game, this plays an important role, since the computer character can give you useful advice or a profitable quest.

Character Development

The development in the Mabinogi game is also quite typical. Here, heroes can develop basic parameters, skills and equipment. True, the game does not provide for the division into classes. That is, the player himself can decide whether to be a warrior or a magician. It is clear that the warrior will need to use melee weapons, and the magician will need to use magic balls and so on.

The creators of Mabinogi offer players a lot of interesting abilities that are not always combat. For example, here the user will have the opportunity to go fishing, shear a sheep, milk a cow or play musical instruments. At the same time, in any of the peaceful specialties, you can develop to the level of a master. In this case, you can make good money on peaceful activities.

Mabinogi has an interesting system of titles, of which there are more than 100 in the game. Any of these titles can bring certain bonuses. Therefore, some of the titles are intended for warriors. They give the fighters strength and health. In addition, there are titles for mages and crafters. All this helps to ensure the uniform development of heroes and allows players not to chase too high levels.

Original dungeon creation system

The dungeon creation system looks very original in the game. For example, to get into a certain dungeon, you should put some object on the divine altar. Depending on what item you put in, the dungeon where you will be directed will be determined. That is, if the subject is simple, then you will be sent to simple catacombs, where you will have to fight weak spiders. At the same time, if you put a good rare item, then you will travel to a terrible dungeon with deadly demons. It is clear that you can put anything on the altar. However, as you understand, it is better to leave good things there in order to get a quality dungeon.

System of aging and gluttony

Another interesting feature of the Mabinogi gameplay is the original aging system. It turns out that the heroes not only gain levels and skills, but also really age. Of course, this is primarily reflected in their appearance. In principle, the more your character lives in the game world, the more powerful it becomes. At the end of the life path, instead of death, the character can undergo the procedure of rebirth and become young again. At the same time, all skills and abilities are preserved.

Mabinogi has another system for changing the character during the game - gluttony. That is, the more the hero eats, the larger and heavier he becomes. Therefore, if the character was originally an anime-style guy, then with enhanced nutrition, he can turn into a huge sumo wrestler.


This game will change the view of those who consider all Asian projects to be the same. Mabinogi really has a lot of interesting and original stuff. The only drawback of the game can be considered somewhat outdated graphics. Therefore, the creators are already making a sequel that promises to be more beautiful than its predecessor and at the same time no less interesting.

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