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Overview of the game Mad King

Mad King is a browser-based MMORPG with an isometric camera from the Creagames studio, which allows you to plunge into the world of fabulous creatures, magic and magic. The game differs from its counterparts in the presence of a bright and colorful Asian design, a more or less well-developed plot, the ability to tame mounts and a non-target combat system.

Other features include: the presence of three unusual classes; a large number of monsters, ranging from weak minions to giant raid bosses; modification of your hero and mount as you develop. As for the classes, these are Siren, Punisher and Guardian. The first deals a large amount of damage with magic, the Punisher punishes physically, and the Guardian is able to hold back crowds of enemies.

Mad King has just entered the OBT stage, but it is already showing its good side, so fans of browser-based MMORPGs should like the game.

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