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Warriors of Magic is an exciting browser game with turn-based battles at every turn and tells about the enmity of two civilizations in the world of flying ships. You have to be a mercenary, whose fate fell to complete the long struggle of the races. True, not everything at once, first, you need to work for the benefit of the Port of Freedom, help outcast elves and make a trip to the icy deserts, where the army of the dead is hiding.

The plot in Wars of Magic develops smoothly. This is necessary in order for the main character to gain skills and find allies. Killing pirates alone is not the best idea, so we recommend that you look into the League of Mercenaries as soon as possible and find a couple of thugs. In total, you can take up to three assistants into battle, and since the battles are turn-based, it is important to be able to correctly position the squad.

Further better, the main character has a robot assistant and a zoo of mutant pets, which, by the way, can be crossed. In addition to going through the main story, you can roam the dungeons daily, gamble, trade or test your strength in the PvP arena.

The game looks very impressive and spectacular, perhaps the developers should tone down the colors, because during the battle the characters use spells at such a speed that it seems as if you are in the center of the fireworks. Otherwise, everything works as expected, and if you want to be different from others, you can always go to a local shop.

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